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Ryan Carruthers

I’m a growth marketer specialist in content marketing. I've worked as a freelance digital marketer helping clients with website design and sales funnel building as well as SEO and organic growth. Currently, I'm working as an in-house SaaS content marketer champion content strategies.

To date, I have redesigned websites and run digital advertising campaigns for luxury horse saddle manufacturers, a military and law enforcement training company, marketing consultants, a car dealership, an eco-friendly architecture certification company, a painting company, and a life coach, to name a few. It has been exciting to see the impact of ad campaigns and increasing conversion rates by redesigning landing pages. I am very interested in contributing to the growth of companies and measuring my impact.

About Ryan Carruthers

Ryan is a content marketer who specialises in creating and optimising B2B SaaS content with a niche focus on mentorship, HR, digital marketing, and employee engagement. While he won’t confess it, he’s also an expert with digital marketing tools like WordPress, Elementor, and Google Analytics.